Structured Wiring is the backbone to your home infrastructure.  There is nothing more important to your Low Voltage plan than to have a complete structured wiring system installed while your house is being built.

Technology is changing every day.  More and more opportunities are being made available to consumers via the internet.  From streaming movies in HD, playing video games, streaming music content, file sharing, work from home services, and so much more is now available to everyone at low costs and even free. 

Wi-Fi used to be a great source for surfing the web, however, as content and services have grown, so is the need for greater bandwidth and speed over the internet.  Wireless just simply does not cut it anymore.  A hard-wired data network is required to take full advantage of the internet.  Wi-Fi is still great for simple devices, however nothing can provide you the necessary bandwidth and speed as a hard wired network.

Structured wiring also integrates your television services for the house.  Whether you choose your local cable provider, Dish, DirecTV, U-Verse, or off air antennas, you need structured wiring to make the system easy to set up and offer choices. 

Your phone is also interfaced with structured wiring.  Though phone wiring is not as important as before, a minimum phone wiring is still necessary. 

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Commercial Solution

Commercial Solution