What is Central Vacuum?

What is Central Vacuum? Many people are confused by Central Vacuum Systems. A Central Vacuum System is when the household (or business) vacuum is built into the walls of the home or office.

The home or office has distributed locations in the home where a hose and appliances may be plugged in. The tank / motor is located in an area outside main living areas. Conventional vacuums leave a distinctive odor in the home after use. Central Vacuum Systems are installed with an “exhaust” outside of your home for help with allergies and avoid the “vacuum smell”.

With Central Vacuum System, you will enjoy home cleaning convenience and powerful, yet quiet, cleaning performance throughout your home. Additionally, the advanced cleaning technology of central vacuum system improves your indoor air quality up to 52%. If controlling allergy symptoms is important to your family, the built-in system can deliver as much as 61% allergy reduction benefits.

Picture below shows a typical layout of a central vacuum system creating noise free vacuuming, no need moving big vacuum cleaners up, down and around the house.

central vaccum


What is Central Vaccum system